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We offer a mobile scanning service or items can be sent to us for processing. We use advanced structured light equipment which yields excellent dimensional accuracy and detail.

We have the knowledge and experience to design specifically for additive manufacturing. This means when your part is printed, it's as neat and strong as it can be.

Our range of 3d printers cover the full spectrum of thermoplastics and resins. This includes engineering materials such as carbon fibre nylon.

Whether you're wondering how to approach a restoration project or need to discuss your company's additive manufacturing strategy, we're here to help. 



Whether it's to recreate a classic part that's no longer available or to design around (or within) the boundaries of a vehicle's body, 3d scanning is the secret weapon of the modern designer. There are many DIY scanners out there, it's even possible to do very crude photogrammetry with a smart phone. However when fractions of a millimetre are important then it's worth having it done properly.

We scan objects from one cubic inch to a small car. Smaller objects are scanned in ultra high resolution on a specialised turntable. 


The majority of our design work is for classic car restoration, where old parts are no longer available or must be re-designed to cater for motorsport requirements. In almost all cases the design starts with a detailled 3d-scan and then the modern version is meticulously designed around the original.

Where a part needs to be 3d printed, the design is optimised to cater for that. "Designing for additive" is a science in it's own right and often means the difference between a strong or a weak 3d printed part.

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We use a range of 3d printers to produce end-use parts in industrial materials such as ABS, ASA and PETG. For higher temperature requirements or where more strength is required we also do carbon fibre nylon and carbon fibre polycarbonate.


Finer detail is achieved using SLA (photopolymer resin printing).



At Wiesner3D we design and manufacture bespoke end-use parts for the automotive industry particularly where designs are complex or volumes are too low to be viable using traditional methods. Because of our long history with aircooled Porsches we naturally ended up specialising in this market, mainly re-creating no-longer-available (NLA) parts or bespoke designs for restoration or motorsport.

We also act as consultants for various companies wishing to enter into additive manufacturing.  

Our aim is to bridge the gap between regular 3d printing which is mostly aimed at rapid prototyping or jig making, and industrial printing which is very specialized and prohibitively expensive for small and medium size companies.



Our studio is situated near Wickford in Essex, United Kingdom but serve customers all over the UK and Europe. Visitors are welcome, please contact us using the form below to set up an appointment. Or, if you have any questions about the work we do, feel free to use the same form and we'll get right back to you.

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