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At Wiesner3D we combine our passion for classic Porsches and additive manufacturing to bring rare and no-longer-available parts back to life. We focus on items which are uneconomical to injection mould in low volumes, especially where complex geometries are involved. In all cases we employ the strengths of additive manufacturing to produce parts as good as the original, or better.



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The process of recreating a NLA part starts with a high definition 3d scan of a good original example. Some parts are so rare it takes months or years to get hold or a good example to base our design on. We avoid working from modern reproductions because they are seldom as accurately manufactured as the original. The accuracy of our parts are paramount. If we can't make it as good as the original, or better, we don't make it at all.

We are sometimes asked to scan items ranging from a few centimetres to a few metres in size. Below are some examples of interesting scans we've done over the years.


3D design is at the core of what we do, whether based on a scan or starting from first principles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of additive manufacturing is fundamental to this and all our designs are optimised to cater for this. "Designing for additive" is a science in it's own right and often means the difference between a strong or a weak part.

Below are some examples of parts which are not ideally shaped (or sized) for additive manufacturing but we optimised the designs to make them 3d printable.

Dark Clouds


We use a range of 3d printers to produce end-use parts in industrial materials for strength and temperature resistance. Some of our staple materials are carbon fibre nylon, carbon fibre polycarbonate and glass fibre nylon.


Finer detail is achieved using SLA (photopolymer resin printing).



Martin Wiesner has always been a classic Porsche enthusiast and enjoyed driving and racing them long before they became collectible. In fact he bought his first 911 in 1994 because he couldn't afford a new hatchback and decided to opt for a "cheap" classic. This started a lifelong passion for the marque and for a few years Martin even co-owned a Porsche workshop focusing on the older 911 models.

His other passion is technology and it's no surprise that he saw the power of additive manufacturing as a means to produce NLA and custom parts for older cars. What started out as a hobby has turned into a business and today Wiesner3D serves customers all over the world, adding new (old) products all the time.



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Our studio is situated near Wickford in Essex, United Kingdom but serve customers all over the UK and Europe. Visitors are welcome, please contact us using the form below to set up an appointment. Or, if you have any questions about the work we do, feel free to use the same form and we'll get right back to you.

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